Inflight manual

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Definition of products that will be loaded on board. Main unit is Trolley which includes drawers. Drawers include products. Assemblies are created from trolleys and then are assigned to flights.

All items are linked to unique customer (Carrier).


Trolley content:

Name       Value
Type Drawer amount in trolley (FST, HST, STU, ...)
Store Default store
PAX Trolley is used for specified type of PAX
Sale Specifies products for onboard sale

Trolley version

User can limit validity of trolley version and modified it as needed. The new version is created from the previous one.

Trolley content

Trolley content is connected with relevant version and is divided to drawers. The amount can be determined by direct entry, by the ratio of PAX amount or by table.

The ratio and table calculate with products, which data is mentioned. If it is necessary to calculate amount from multiple trolleys, user fill in only ratio and information about Dependency. Then it is calculated at the stage of creating assembly, where trolleys are used.

Drawer items contain following properties:

Product product label
Amount direct entry of amount
Measurement unit  
Sale is specified only in case of difference between trolleys properties
Store only in case of difference between trolleys store
Ratio amount determined by the ratio to the number of PAX
Rounding rounding of the previous ratio up or down
Table Table for specifying the amount. It can be used only within single trolley version.
Dependent Dependent amount will be specified at the stage of creating assembly

If the amount is entered in several ways, the highest priority has a direct entry, followed by ratio and then table.

When creating a new trolley, you can choose option to be filled with the contents of an existing trolley. This can be further modified.


Assemblies are configured according to flight numbers. Different types of aircraft have various types of loading. Therefore the assembly has several types of loading.


Loading is assembly of trolleys. Added trolley is called "Trolley from assembly" and its properties can be modified.

You can add:

- standard trolley
- new specific trolley from standard and modify products
- new specific empty trolley and enter all products

Loading has also versioning (similar to the trolley). The new version is automatically generated from the previous one.

Trolley from assembly contain following properties:

Trolley trolley label
Store default value taken from trolley properties
PAX default value taken from trolley properties
Sale default value taken from trolley properties
Position Loading position in the aircraft. 1 character = board;  2,3 char. = galley; 4 and further means concrete position.
 PAX amount      The trolley is loaded only when the specified number of PAX is greater than or equal to this value.
Order You can specify the order of the trolley. If this value is empty, default order is by position.

Dependency of amount

Products which has been marked as "Dependent"  are shown separately. User enters the ratio or table. It is possible to use one table for more products.

Configuration of assembly

Assembly or loading plan can be assigned to flight number:

- without limitation
- with limitation for specific aircraft types and configurations.

It is possible to assign assembly operatively direct to individual flights.